Saturday, May 22, 2010

Choo-Choo! All Aboard the Birthday Express!

Happy birthday, Little Guy! Today was my youngest son's birthday party. His birthday is actually May 29th, but that always falls on Memorial Day weekend. Lots of folks travel that weekend, so it's tough to get a party together then. Lucky boy -- he gets a week-long celebration!
For the party, we did a Thomas the Tank Engine theme. He's really into Thomas. No, I mean REALLY. This actually the third year in a row that we've had a Thomas birthday party for the munchkin. But, I don't mind - Thomas stories always have good life lessons about caring for others, working hard and being kind. And the engines all use impeccable grammar, which is key!
The Tumblebus also came to entertain the kids, which is an incredible idea. It's an old school bus that the Tumblebus-sters converted into a mobile gym for little ones. They have installed padded walls/floor (of course), a zip line, trampolines, tumbling mats, balance beams, and a ton more. The bus drives to your house and provides an HOUR (yes, a lovely, beautiful, entire HOUR) of kid-centric entertainment. While they tumble and play to their hearts' content, the parents have a little downtime to socialize themselves. It's fabulous.

All in all it was a fabulous party...the weather was beautiful and the Little Guy got to share his special day with family, classmates and friends. He had a wonderful time. And I am EXHAUSTED!

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