Friday, December 31, 2010

Disjointed December...

Whew! I'm finally sitting down to write on this last day of December, and the final sunrise of 2010. It's has been a crazy month -- traveling, shopping, celebrating, etc. I have felt surprisingly out of sorts without having the time to organize my thoughts here. I am so happy to be back!

The Saturday after Christmas, we packed up the boys and drove to Orlando, Florida and Walt Disney World. It was a 15-hour trip, and suffice it to say, long in many ways other than just duration. But, we did have a fantastic week at WDW, and this time the boys have drunk the Kool-Aid. They were just old enough to really appreciate every last bit, but young enough to really feel the magic (Disney magic = something you feel as a young'un, sometimes lose as a teen, but get it back as an adult!). More on our trip later.

After we got back from Florida, the Christmas season was in full-swing! I felt so behind, it was as if I'd woken up late and couldn't catch up with the rest of the class. We lost one weekend in December traveling back home, so we were forced to fit a month's worth of Christmas fun into only two weekends (it didn't help that Christmas fell on a Saturday). We went to the tree farm, decorated the house, rode the Christmas train, and did all of our gift shopping in what seemed like a whirlwind....all for the big day, which, as it always does, passed by in the blink of an eye.

All in all, December was a crazy month in which we didn't slow down even for a minute. I am so ready for 2011...I am looking forward to spending the winter getting organized, sharing some downtime with the family, and we are fortunate to have many exciting things to anticipate in the new year. Happy New Year, everyone!