Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who Knows What the Future Holds...

Yesterday, I went to my niece's preschool graduation. It was just a program that the children performed for their parents, and they received a little certificate. But, it really got me to thinking. Next year at this time, it will be Little Guy's turn. And then he'll be in Kindergarten. In two years, my babies will both be in school full-time. What's to become of Mama when that happens?

It's been absolutely priceless to be able to stay at home with the boys for the past five years. I've been able to be there to see all of their baby 'firsts': first step, first word, first food, first everything. Everything has been irreplaceable, and I wouldn't trade one minute of it for the world. But, I have to admit, there are those days when stay-at-home-mamaness starts feels like I'm sentenced to a loony bin! I envy my husband's job, even when he's had an awful day, because he at least had that awful day with other grown-ups!

So what do I do in two years? Some days, all I can think about is getting a 'real' job, going back being a professional. I would get to wear my cute suits, exercise my brain, and have colleagues again! But, I would miss having the flexibility to attend the boys' sporting events, being able to stay home with them when they're sick.

Another key factor is money. Vulgar, "everybody wants me," money. When I worked, it was nothing for me to go buy a $600 Burberry bag because I'd happened to walk by the shop during lunchtime. Now, being on one income, we can still manage quite nicely, but we definitely have a stricter budget. As the boys get older, I always want to have enough to provide them with whatever they need. Their toys and clothes are going to get progressively more expensive as they grow up. I never want to say, "No, we can't afford to send you on the school ski trip." And college?? Yikes.

What is a mama to do...?

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