Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weathering Wanderlust III - Prague, Czech Republic

My first job on Capitol Hill was for an infamously um, shall we say...detail-oriented (*cough* insane *cough*) Congresswoman from the mid-West. During my tenure, she was invited to go on a Congressional junket to Prague. Of course, this meticulous Congresswoman insisted that I not only detail her itinerary for her, but also create an entire 3-ring binder for her about each place in Prague that they would be visiting, an entire tome on the geography, climate and culture of the city itself. Now, creating background material for your boss when you work on the Hill isn't strange. As a staffer, it's your job to provide your boss with all the information he/she could possibly need. Basically, you have to predict any potential question or situation they might faced with, and supply them with a place to find the answer/decorum/pronunciation/measurements -- at their fingertips.

So it wasn't unusual to produce an informational packet on Prague for the Congresswoman. However, she demanded that it include walking routes through the city (although they'd be using automobiles), details about monuments they wouldn't see, and even menus for the restaurants they'd be patronizing! In the end though, I should thank this unnamed Congresswoman -- by giving me that incredibly mundane, time-consuming task, she gave me a great desire to experience for myself this magical city filled with rich history and beautiful architecture.

We've had several friends visit Prague, and all came back singing the praises of this Czech town. The Prague Castle (the largest in the world), Kafka's grave, and the Metronome (actually functioning!) are among the beautiful city's offerings, just to name a few. Along with the beautiful sights to see, there is also apparently very good shopping in Prague (who knew?). And of course, we would have to go see Slavia Prague - for our family, what visit would be complete without a soccer match?

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