Saturday, June 5, 2010

Glory Days...

"In the wink of a young girl's eye, glory days. Yeah, they'll pass you by, glory days...." Bruce Springsteen

Let's go Fightin' Blue Hens! Woot!

Last night my husband and I went back in time. Just for one night, and really only in our minds, but still! We attended "Mug Night on the Green" at the University of Delaware Alumni Weekend.

The night had us slipping back into our old college roles: I played the blonde sorority chick, while my husband starred as the quintessential fraternity brother, (minus the beer funnel accessory, though...!)

To start, we stayed in the dorms! Actual, real residence halls that were vacated by university students only a week prior. Our 'suite' was two dorm rooms, connected by a bath - each room with its own twin bed, of course. It's been a looong time since the husband and I spent the night together in a twin bed. Needless to say, we ended up sleeping in the two separate rooms!

After we checked in at our dorms, we headed to the husband's fraternity house for a pre-party happy hour. At our university, EVERY fraternity/sorority event (formal, date party, etc) was always accompanied by a pre-party happy hour, and a post-party late night. Leave it to college kids to make a four hour event last at least eight hours! At any rate, we will strolled down memory lane and into the grand fraternity house in which we spent a lot of time. My husband actually lived there, and between parties, mixers and then dating him, I felt like I did, too. It was so great to see everyone! There were folks there that we had not seen in the 15 years since we graduated from school.

After the happy hour, we headed down to the mall (it's a really big square of grass flanked by academic buildings - they call it "The Green" now) to Mug Night. When we were in school, THE bar to go to was the Stone Balloon, and every Thursday night, they had Mug Night. You bought a mug at the beginning of the year, and every Thursday night, beer refills in that mug were only a dollar.

At Mug Night, the Delaware band called Love Seed Mama Jump was an institution. They were playing at the reunion last night, so the time warp was complete! We had such an incredible time, catching up with people we hadn't seen in forever, drinking from our commemorative mugs, and dancing the night away to our college band. At one point while we were dancing, I think I closed my eyes and actually thought it was 1994 again. But, believe me, when I woke up the next morning, I knew it was 2010!!

Taking a trip back in time was quite a lark. My husband and I both had a grand time. Love you, Delaware, but I couldn't do it all over again! I look back on my years there not only fondly, but also with a little awe -- did we really do that EVERY weekend??

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