Monday, August 9, 2010


Yesterday, the boys in Red played in their first competitive match of the 2010-11 season. Manchester United faced Chelsea, vying for the Community Shield. The actual Premier League season doesn't start until next week, and this match was technically a preseason 'friendly'... but I don't think either side (or either side's fans, for that matter) saw it as such. It was a chance for United to throw down the gauntlet, to show the team that finished 1 point ahead of us last season, that they shouldn't get too used to the title of "Champions."

And a big part of our war cry yesterday was our new signing, Javier Hernandez, aka 'Chicharito.' Our first signing of the season, way back before the World Cup, Manchester United fans the world over have been waiting to see what he can do in a red shirt. He was relatively unknown before WC2010, but he quickly made an international name for himself as a player for the Mexican national team. He not only scored two goals, but also was clocked as the fastest player of the World Cup by FIFA statisticians.

So, yesterday, we all waited with bated breath to see what this kid from Mexico would show us. And, he did not disappoint. With the second half of the match just underway he scored a goal...not just any goal, mind you. He kicked into his own face and basically netted the ball with his nose! I think the way he scored is going to be symbolic of his style...he's going to work and try and be successful at Manchester United - no matter how it gets done, he will persevere until the mission is accomplished.

Another harbinger of great things to come was Chicharito celebrating that goal. He kissed the United badge on his jersey. While that act seems to mean less and less in these days of billion pound transfers, Chicharito's kiss seemed authentic. He seems genuinely thrilled to be in a United uniform, and in my opinion, sincerely sees his future with the Red Devils. I think that Chicharito represents a bright new future for Manchester United fans, and I have no doubt that the feeling is mutual.

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