Monday, August 2, 2010

5 Year Meme

Tag!! You're it! :)
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Question 1: Where were you 5 years ago?
Five years ago, I'd just had a stroke (see more here). I had no residual effects, and I was well on the road to recovery. I actually had no idea just how 'normal' I was...two months after my stroke and subsequent neurosurgery, I found out I was expecting a child!! After everything my body had been through, my husband and I had a sort of unspoken agreement that we were lucky to have our family just as it was, the three of us. But, apparently, God had a different plan for us. A complete shock, and a lesson to all you young people -- it only takes once! :)

Question 2: Where would you want to be in 5 years time?
This is a tough which I ask myself on a daily basis, though. In five years, the boys will be 11 and 9 years old and obviously in school all day. I would love to be working in the political arena again, with a job that's incredibly important yet extremely flexible. A job where I can do meaningful work, but yet allows me as much time as need or want to continue to raise my family. Does that exist?

Question 3: What are 5 things on your "To Do" list today?
1.) Make an eye doctor appointment for the Big Guy.
2.) Fold laundry
3.) Get in touch with the travel agent about November trip to Disney
4.) Order United shorts for the boys for football camp next week
5.) Finish this blog entry! :)

Question 4: What are 5 snacks you enjoy?
Well, enjoy and let myself indulge are two very different things!! I am very fitness-conscious and try really hard to eat healthfully - most of the time!! If I am being good, I love Rita's Italian Ice, guacamole, a juicy peach, popcorn or pita chips. If I am splurging, I love salt & vinegar potato chips, gummy bears, fudge, cookies or an ice cream cone!

Question 5: What would you do if you were a billionaire?
Wow, I could write a book to answer this question! If I won the lottery, first things first, I would take my family (including grandparents and cousins) to Walt Disney World. This would not only be a vacation, it would be time for the husband and me to figure out exactly what our plan would be for the money. We would make sure all of our family and extended family were taken care of. We would buy a new house. (Not too huge, mind you, but with all of the latest green technologies.) We would set aside a trust for the boys' university. And then we would travel. We would see everywhere and do everything. My goal would be to become as familiar with all of the great cities of the globe as I am with my hometown. Finally, last but not least...I would buy a little football club in Manchester, England...!

I'm supposed to tag 5 fellow bloggers, but other than the two fabulous ladies mentioned below, I only follow football blogs! :)

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