Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Everything You Always Wanted to Know...

This post was inspired by a fellow blogger...she tagged me in a post she did revealing some of her life, and I remembered I had recently written "25 Quick Facts about Me" in another forum, so I'd thought I'd share them here...

1.) I could get lost for days in a bookstore.

2.) I honestly enjoy working out very much. I hate running, though.

3.) I am a deeply religious person. But, I don't hit you over the head with it.

4.) My husband is simply one of the best people I know. And I love him as much as I did when he came stumbling into my dorm room, wasted, the first night of college.

5.) There has never been a time in my life that I didn't think I needed to lose at least 5 lbs.

6.) I constantly worry about my sons' health. And their social skills. And their intellect. And whether they will be polite, won't hit, will go to college, etc. Parenthood is by far the hardest job I have ever, or will ever, have.

7.) I kinda want to be British.

8.) I love tweeting!! I was pretty resistant to it at first, but I've met some amazing people through Twitter.

9.) I am most terrified of failing as a parent.

10.) I LOVE television (I know, I know). But I reconcile this fact with the following: a.) for the most part, I dig 'smart' shows like Lost, and I loved Studio 60 and West Wing, and b.) I love to read just as much.

11.) My life is SO not what I'd imagined. Completely different, but infinitely better.

12.) My grandparents were both born in the very early years of the 20th century. I think of them on a daily basis and wonder how they would react to various forms of technology.

13.) I believe that it should be REQUIRED for everyone to watch What Not To Wear, and follow Clinton and Stacey's rules TO THE LETTER.

14.) I often wonder what my boys will be like as men.

15.) My dream vacation would be a trip around the world, capped off by a week in Disney World. There's nothing I would rather do more than travel.

16.) I miss DC (sometimes violently) and especially the people I worked with down there.

17.) I feel that grammar and eloquent speech are of vital importance.

18.) One of the greatest gifts my husband has ever given me is an appreciation and love for soccer and Manchester United.

19.) I dream of writing a novel, if I could just get over myself. And, find the time.

20.) I love being Catholic. Just going to Mass can make me feel better about almost anything.

21.) Looking back, I was a baby when I got married just a month after my 24th birthday. I would NOT change a thing, but I also would strenuously object if either of my boys wanted to get
married that young!

22.) I talk to my mother, my father, and my sister via telephone at least once a day, if not more.

23.) No matter how hard I try, or how closely I follow a recipe, I cannot cook to save my life.

24.) I am a straight-up, unapologetic girly-girl. I was a cheerleader in high school and in a sorority in college. I love hair, make-up, fashion, shoes, handbags, shopping...need I go on? I am convinced God gave me two little boys to offset this a bit.

25.) If you were my friend at any point in time, you're stuck with me for life.

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  1. WOW! It was only supposed to be 7! Love it though.

    I did the NaNoWriMo thing last year (google it) and I finished writing my book, I'd had the idea in my head for years but never got round to actually "doing" it. It's quite a dedication to write so many words every day for a month. But it was kind of inspiring that I could do it if I put my mind to it. I've not actually looked a the book since, it's saved on my computer and of course backed up but maybe one day I'll edit it.

    I love the way you describe the love for your husband <3

    I could comment on each point, they are all so interesting and it reveals so much.

    Thank you for sharing x